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      New group called Pathway to Citizenship
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        Hi All!!! Welcome. This site is an extension of Sewing Social Worlds, the parent site which was created in 2007.

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      • Pathway to Citizenship

        Pathway to Citizenship

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        A pathway to citizenship must become a reality but not by opening the flood gates
      • Gaia's New World (not a new world order)

        Gaia's New World (not a new world order)

        1 members
        What is the perfect life on Earth in your heart and eyes?
      • Sprituality VS Religion

        Sprituality VS Religion

        1 members
        Spirit before birth, during human (and other) life & after death. We are divine eternal beings having a human experience.
      • Transgender  Active Issues

        Transgender Active Issues

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        Trans-gendered people can't be heard when included in the LGB acronym. People clearly believe they have rights just because gays do. This is unfair for people that need a voice in their community.

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